Macaroni: Twice had and loved

My cooking and baking activities are not solely devoted to our (meaning the household) consumption. I would get requests to do stuff for other people who I can’t and will not say no to. Sometimes they would just give me ingredients which I accept and there are occasions when I refuse ingredients and just do whatever is requested of me especially for special occasions. That way, I have my gift already and they get the privilege to eat whatever I prepared ha ha ha ha….. How conceited!

So last Sunday, the task was to make chicken-macaroni salad for my cousin who insists he will buy all the ingredients. Sounds good! I realized I haven’t made any for quite a while. He came by early to get his shopping list and came back with everything I need. He bought too much but I know he doubled the quantities of the ingredients with the intention of leaving some of the salad to me.

I made a mistake of boiling the whole bag of macaroni (which is huge) and I used up all the other ingredients for the salad. What am I supposed to do? It was so warm a day for soup so I can’t do that. And then I remember I have something in the fridge that can go well with these lonely elbows. They can use some loving from my spaghetti sauce sitting in the fridge waiting for attention. Just some eggs, some cheese, half an hour in the oven or till the cheeses are bubbly- easy baked macaroni. And that’s how I ended up with two macaroni dishes over the weekend.


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