Wrapping up my mini R & R

Oh well, my five-day mini-vacation (three weekdays plus the weekend) is over - and I may not have been active in the kitchen; but I feel rested and was able to catch up on my missed sleeping hours although partly because I felt kind of sick last Thursday. I was practically in bed for two days which gave me the chance to start another KDrama which is a mistake because whenever I discover or start a good one, I would end up doing a marathon. The ending- my other plans are sidelined or at the worst, forgotten. But thankfully, I had three days left and somehow; I can say those are three glorious days of seeing the sunshine, be by the beach for a trip in that familiar boardwalk for a leisurely walk while watching the sea and feeling the wonderful briny sea breeze. We were there for my mom’s birthday but I hardly took pictures of the food but concentrated on the sights. Seeing the moon and its reflection on the water, the building shadows nearby and the dancing city lights as seen from the shoreline is so relaxing and I wish I have a better camera to capture everything.

I did cook some but the stuff I made is just repeats of what I’ve cooked before- the reason maybe why I wasn’t so keen on taking pictures. But I did remember to take shots of my torch less crème brulee, seafood in coconut milk and stir-fry noodles.

I am on the last few episodes of the drama I’m watching and I should know better than start another one after this or I’ll vanish from the kitchen forever ha ha ha…. I shall be back! Ok… not too convincing…. I will be back!


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