The restaurant review game

If you noticed, I’m not so keen about the restaurant review game- you know reviewing and rating a restaurant I’ve been to. I would give my two-cents worth about the food I ate wherever and whenever and I’m comfortable doing that. But I would rather not mention the name of the restaurant. So I am not making any exception today. We found this sushi place randomly and so far, we liked the restaurant, not too big and not too cramped even as it started getting busy as soon as we were seated. A serving of edamame beans is served right away followed by steaming bowls of miso soup if ordering combination lunch. We enjoyed the food and I think it’s not a remote possibility that we will come back to this place. I loved my tofu-avocado salad- silken tofu on a bed of spring mix and other fresh greens, lemon slices, shaved carrots, thinly sliced creamy avocados, toasted sesame seeds and a light balsamic dressing. I ordered the Philadelphia rolls which has salmon, avocados and cream cheese filling (I love avocados!)and they're delicious. Actually, they use fresh ingredients and the only complaint I have is the rice not being sticky enough to hold the rolls firmly as seen on the Philly rolls. I guess it has something to do with the rice they use which is crucial in making sushi. That and the server asking me if I wanted a fork for my salad and I was like- what do you want me to do, eat my salad with my bare hands? ha ha ha ha ... And I was the only one who didn't even have chopsticks so no excuse for her on that.


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