What to do with my celebrity cookbooks and cookbooks

I haven’t ceased to be a fire hazard. Until now I have so much reading materials in my room, in the living room, in the storage, in my car and even in my office. I’ve given away so many books but in so doing, that gave me space for new ones and whereas I used to collect only bestsellers and epics and what have you- now I have a growing collection of cookbooks both by celebrity chefs and non-celebrity ones. Most of them are gifts from friends and relatives who knew I have been cured of my purse-it is or being bag-aholic and now gets a different kind of high when I receive anything connected to food and the kitchen. But now I sit here thinking why I haven’t really put these reading materials to good use. I should be trying the recipes in these cookbooks. I know it’s a little difficult to be trying something new all the time because more often than not, I don’t have time to deviate from the normal routine of preparing what is easy and quick and comfortable. You can’t fault me for lack of enthusiasm as I would always find myself buying ingredients for something new to experiment and then just ending up with expired ingredients because at the last minute, due to time constraints- I would whip what is easier and less time-consuming.

Now going back to my cookbooks, let me say I now have a firmer resolve to try at least two or three dishes a week from my cookbooks which I will do randomly-for starters. So expect more interesting posts soon. And if you have any suggestions- I am listening.


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