Snacking on grapes and cheese

I have posted about my passionate love affair with cheese and briefly mentioned how I love grapes and cheese. It is one of my favorite snacks although it can also come after a sumptuous or mediocre meal. It will always serve its purpose in my books- and that is to please.
Doubt is the normal/initial reaction from all the people who have seen me eating the combo with so much gusto- as in “how does that taste? Or “how can she eat so much of that? And then when they taste the combination themselves, they become immediate converts. Why not? Consider the sweetness of seedless grapes followed by the creaminess of Colby (Longhorn style) or Havarti cheese and you’ll find yourself addicted to it. I have tried medium cheddar and found it as a nice alternative. The grapes need to be crunchy to really appreciate it. I swear I have yet to experience being told it doesn’t taste good. You can try it for yourself if you haven’t and give me your verdict.


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