Ouch! But I'm okay ...

I had a hard time getting up today. Monday blues or Lakers' loss blues? Nah, I’ve calmed down yesterday and so what, the series is tied and obviously will be a long series. We know it's not going to be easy to defend their title. I was watering the grass and cleaning my car at the same time, for me that’s the way to handle the closing minutes of a tight game- listening to my car radio and rushing inside at times; constantly moving around to avoid getting nervous.

Oh, and by the way, I have my Game #2 cake in the freezer the whole night. I took it out to thaw and will finish it later. I was just so tired last night that after I took a shower, I just passed out in my bed and when my eyes opened, it was morning already. I thought the shower will refresh me so I can work on the cake but it made me sleepy and I had a good night sleep- wish I have more hours though.

But I am from the working class of this society so it’s back to the salt mines today and the series goes to Boston for game three where we hope to get our guys’ swag back and take back home court advantage.


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