My gorgeous grill pan


I purchased a cast iron grill pan a couple of years ago but I haven't been using it because it is so heavy and too big for the usual amount of food I grill anyway, so now it is resting peacefully with my other kitchen gadgets that are not frequently used. But stove top grilling is so fun and easy and I just love it so I had to buy a smaller one. I've grilled fish, meat, veggies and fruits on it; made paninis, burgers and kabobs and I just can't live without it. It is also very easy to maintain unlike the other one. Just run hot water on it after each use, clean with paper towel then oil it well and presto- it's ready for the next use.
For my grilled fish, my marinade usually involves lemon juice, garlic salt, red pepper, tarragon, olive oil and with the addition of honey mustard for salmon. For fruits, I just spray the grill pan with butter spray. Same spray I use to grill fruits to serve with ice cream or frozen yogurt. And the lovely grill marks on my food makes them more gourmet, doncha think?


  1. Hey Faye! It's Myss Blewm from Soompi! XD I'm loving your blog, and I wanted to ask you where do you find your cookware? I've been thinking of getting a grill but I'm not sure where to look for the best grills as well as the places with the best prices.

  2. Hi Myss! Welcome to my new abode lol.... nice to see you here! I suggest you buy your cookware from They pretty much have everything and you can just look at the consumer ratings and reviews to be properly guided. I bought a lot of kitchen gadgets there and if you're a member, you don't have to pay s & h and they have sales too.


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