A weekend of food and fun

While I complain about a smaller kitchen and using a laptop where I am right now- it has its good side which I'm going to miss terribly when we finally move back to our house. Nothing beats daily cleaning service and best of all the pool which has become my relaxation area at night after a busy day.

So yesterday is bonding time with family so we had guests who came for the pool and of course we had to feed ourselves. What is a party without food? We had the usual menu that we prepare when family and friends get together. Chicken and pork barbecue in my special marinade, shrimp and crab boil and I made corn cake which disappeared before we even set the table properly. I could have baked an extra cake for dessert but again- too little space for me. We decided on just a couple of seafoods because we didn't have a bigger vessel for boiling. It was indeed a challenge and I had to boil everything by batch but it was done. I got a big wok for the final stage where I bathe the seafoods in butter, garlic and my home made Cajun seasoning. We also had grilled tilapia stuffed with tomato and onion salsa and golden pompano cooked in spicy and sour broth. Pardon the crappy pictures-it is more convenient for me to use my camera phone (ha ha not that my pictures are that great even with a regular camera).
We had so much fun that I honestly do not fret too much about staying here and wouldn't if renovation extends a little longer than the target date of completion.


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