The Best Thing I Ever Made and Adobo Fried Rice

Me and my best friend were just hanging out one Sunday afternoon talking about food as always when from out of the blue, he asked me what dish or cake of my creation am I most proud of. And how funny and coincidental that while I was trying to think of an answer, there goes on Food Network- an announcement of their upcoming show entitled "The Best Thing I Ever Made"! I'm pretty sure it will be as exciting as "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" which remains one of my favorites.

So my best asked me what is it- just pretend I am a part of the show and I have to sell my best creation. Honestly, I think it should come from the people who have tasted my food- and it's really difficult to name just one. I have quite a few that I can serve with confidence any time of day. Don't we have at least one dish that we own? Something we figuratively claim we can cook even with our eyes closed? Or it could be something that came out as a surprise hit or a dish that resulted from an accident hence it is called an accidental dish which turns out to be the best thing you ever made.

I have to think back. Incidentally, the show premieres today. Sadly though, where I'm at right now don't have Food Network on their channel listing.

By the way, breakfast is Chicken Adobo Fried Rice. Nope, it's not the best thing I ever made but it's delicious. Adobo is a dish that becomes even more flavorful as it sits and gets old in the fridge. Add it to your fried rice with lots of garlic and it's even more money! Here's how to make it:

Adobo Fried Rice

left over adobo
4 cloves crushed garlic
3 cups steamed white rice
salt to taste
2 rounds canola oil or just to coat the pan

Heat oil in a non-stick pan over medium high heat
Add the crushed garlic and sautee until fragrant,not burnt
Add the adobo (I sliced the meat into small pieces)and the sauce
Allow to simmer just for a minute
Add the rice and mix with a spatula
Keep turning and tossing over till the rice is coated with the sauce and the garlicky aroma is all over your kitchen
Add a little salt if needed or according to taste
Serve with fried eggs and your favorite beverage for a yummy breakfast or anytime of day- or night


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