Fresh Fruit Salad

I initially planned on making this for my mom for Mother's Day. I bought Hawaiian pineapple and prayed it will be sweet. The labels would say they are but chances are they're not. I'm not equipped with a good fruit sense to kind of pick the best just by the look and smell of it. The plan is to scoop out the meat or flesh or whatever you call it; dice it up and use the shell as the serving vessel. Isn’t it cool? I will mix it with other tropical fruits and my special whipped cream. But the plan went pfft. I did make something for her but this fresh fruit salad. Then I saw the pineapple sitting sadly in the fruit tray. I felt a pang of guilt. It's not too late. I can still make the salad.

I don't even know how to go about taking out the meat without crushing it. I just halved the pineapple lengthwise, not really halve, a little bit bigger on the other side since it will be my serving bowl. I guess the pineapple ripened perfectly as it sat in the tray unattended. It is so sweet and succulent and I felt bad because I didn't do a good job at dicing it up. Anyway, I had cantaloupe and bananas sliced up as well and the result was a lovely fruit trio with my special whipped cream. It is a nice way to end a meal and Mom didn’t care no matter what day it was.

For this I used:

1 fresh pineapple
1 cup diced cantaloupe
2 bananas, sliced (don't forget to squeeze lemon juice on it to prevent browning)

1 cup heavy cream, partly frozen (slushy-like)
1/2 or 4 oz cream cheese, softened
3/4 cup confectioner's sugar

Using an electric mixer, whip together heavy cream, cream cheese and confectioner's sugar till thick and smooth.
Chill well before using.


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