Another backyard dinner

And I almost blew my Caramel Pecan Pound Cake

I should have made it yesterday and served it as the finisher for our backyard dinner of seafood and sausage boil but we just had fruits and my special whipped cream (heavy cream + light cream cheese + confectioner's sugar) so I postponed it for today.

The dinner by the way was awesome complete with bonfire which I regrettably forgot to take pictures of as I was busy digging/feasting on my seafood loot. It is one of our guilty pleasures and one that I never get tired of making for my family. No sweet potato fries this time and we were honored by the presence of plump and meaty rock crabs (blue crabs are scarce these days) and succulent clams which are pricey but worth every shell.

Going back to my pound cake, everything went smoothly till I was on the pecan part- I forgot to sprinkle a little flour on the nuts so I won’t be surprised if they all sunk to the bottom by the time it is done. As a counter measure, I added some more pecans which I floured so there will be some on the upper vicinity of the cake.

So off to the oven the pan went and here comes another mishap. I probably didn’t assemble my tube pan nicely before I spooned the batter to it that when the cake was in the oven starting to bake, I smelled something burning. It was a beautiful aroma of pure vanilla and sugar at first then it started smelling of burnt dough. OMG, I peeked at the glass door of the oven and saw my cake batter dripping and started to panic…. Houston we have a problem! I felt that I will ruin the cake completely if I will take it out and transfer the batter to another pan so I just cleaned the drippings and prayed it will stop soon as the bottom part bakes.

I was thinking there goes to waste one slice of the cake which should feed another hungry mouth ha ha ha. Well, charge it to another misadventure in the kitchen. I was constantly watching the progress and finally, I saw the drops tapering until it stopped completely.

It was down to 15 minutes baking time the next time I checked on it and the cake looks promising. I made the caramel sauce when it was almost ready to be taken out of the oven.

Releasing it from the pan was a breeze and it seemed ok so far except the cracked top which is normal in pound cakes. So this is how it turned out ...

Not bad! I used a cup and a half brown sugar for the cake although the recipe calls for two and it was a wise decision. I just followed the recipe according to the video but it was unclear how much flour was needed. I decided to use two anyway. And before I forget, this was featured in The Best Thing I Ever Ate:Cake Walk featuring the Neelys and you can watch the video here.


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