Food for the Gods I

It didn’t cross my mind for years. The fudgy, chewy, nutty goodness almost forgotten- till I spoke to a friend yesterday and she mentioned in passing how she loves Food for the Gods and how come I never make it? And then I recalled how one of my cousins makes it so efficiently. In fact, we never had it store-bought because we feel hers is the best. She would always make it for us for Christmas and whenever she’s on vacation from work. So to make it short, I attempted to make it today after lunch. I was so excited and full of hopes that I will pull it off. This will get thumbs up from other people because it came out like a moist, nutty and flavorful cake but that was not the intention. My plan was to duplicate my cousin’s creation but I just couldn’t at first try. For now just enjoy the moist cake and I will try to nail it next time around.


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