The Continuation - Bread Pudding ala Mother’s (New Orleans)

With fever gone and in the process of feeling my way back to work which is tomorrow, I am now able to do my blog. I wasn’t able to continue my Bread Pudding ala Mother’s post because I woke up with fever yesterday and my body aching in different parts that I couldn’t get up my bed. So I spent the whole day in bed drinking ginger tea and noodles were again, my companion until the evening.

So on to my bread pudding documentation. It was another bread pudding success. It was a right move for me to decrease the sugar because it came out perfect in terms of sweetness so that pouring the maple caramel syrup on top upon serving did not give me sugar overload. Lightly toasting the bread pieces first also helped in breaking them easier while soaking in the milk/cream mixture. I also didn’t have brandy so I used more cream and a drop of maple flavoring so the sauce was subtly sweet, creamy, and yummy! My pictures didn’t do justice to my creation though :-(


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