Discovering Corn Flakes French Toasts

We just decided on a breakfast feast yesterday. Lola will bring her electric griddle, eggs and sausages; Claudia will bring strawberries and bananas for crepes and good coffee and creamer; Marilyn’s assignment is orange juice and bread for the French toast; Teresa will bring Ricotta cheese and blueberries for the pancakes; Jen said she’ll take care of the crepe batter while I bring maple syrup, butter, vanilla, flour, baking powder, sugar and Panko bread crumbs for the French Toast. Guess what, I forgot my Panko bread crumbs and I already decided on making my toasts with it. Marilyn even went to check the nearest grocery store if they have it but they didn’t. I had to go myself but same result. The other stores nearby just don’t have it. They have seasoned bread crumbs but not what I need. I was stressing out while I was by the breakfast aisle when my eyes landed on the cereal boxes and an idea came to mind. Corn flakes! I just have to pound and break them into smaller pieces and I could pull this thing off. It was indeed a good idea. The toasts came out even better. So when they asked me how the toast would taste with Panko, I told them less sweet but then the corn flakes aren’t that sweet either. So I should just give my vote to corn flakes. And the other edge it has over Panko? It’s way cheaper! I just spent two dollars for two boxes of corn flakes. So indeed, things do happen for a reason. I guess it was meant for me to forget the bread crumbs so I can discover a very nice alternative. Go corn flakes!

BTW, I know it looks like I'm slacking and it seems like I've turned my blog into a weekly or weekend kind of thing. Not at all! The coming days will be toxic because I have to rush my holiday goodies for my friends. I will sneak in here somehow, promise!


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