That Red Velvet Waffles picture is mine!

It was one of those days when I’m just pacing myself after being under the weather; you know, preparing myself to go back to the salt mines so to speak- grab a chair, surf the web and all that.  And for some reason found myself “Google-in” for red velvet waffle images.  Of course I saw my pictures there- I mean my red velvet waffles.  Which leads you to my blog when you hover it.
And then something caught my attention.  It was a cropped image of the same picture! 
But when I looked closely and hovered over the image- I saw it bore a link which leads to a different site.  My picture is being used without my permission or at least indicate its real source.  I don't know if I should be offended or flattered or insulted.  I just thought I'd post about it.  I wanted to contact the owner of the site but there's no contact point like email which is weird. It should be a positive feeling- my picture must be nice that some other people took an interest in it- but it is definitely nicer to be told.
I guess I must watermark my pictures from hereon. The picture is from my June 9, 2011 post Red Velvet Waffles.


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