I still cook, bake and love this blog!

What's come over me?  February is my favorite month- not only because of Valentine's Day but the fact that it is the birth month of most of my favorite people.  I thought I'd be posting as much as I could this month as I create something nice for these people but the posts remains in their draft form.  Somehow it feels weird when I’ve been absent for quite a while; I seem a bit lost and I just don’t have the gall to go about posting like nothing happened; like it’s the most natural thing to do. 

But how do I undo the days when I’m supposed to be here like a faithful lover?  I cannot, so I guess I’ll have to do it anyway- finish my drafts; share what I made in my absence and do my best to be here as often as I could.  I still love this blog and will always come home at the end of the day.

So these are the stuff I've made so far while I was busy with other stuff and posting seemed such a difficult endeavor.... 
Ms T gave me fresh tuna steaks which I seasoned with Mediterranean salt (only because I have some but regular salt can be used) and freshly cracked black pepper then pan cooked in extra virgin olive oil, fresh diced tomatoes and capers then served with fresh basil leaves for that herbaceous flavor and added freshness.  I'd take this over meat anytime!
Chocolate Tres Leches Cake with Meringue Icing topped with fresh raspberries and strawberries which I brushed with loose strawberry jam for that shiny finish. I made this as my pre-Valentine treat for my co-workers.
Strawberries and Cream Angel Food Trifle with pastry cream and a mixture of Neufchatel cheese and white chocolate filling topped with more strawberries and melted white chocolate.  
There are a couple of more items I made but I believe they deserve their own individual posts.  I’ll just close this with Whew…. I did it!  I will be back….


  1. Yum! Faye these look delicious! The tuna sounds amazing. And can totally relate - I have so many incomplete drafts and struggle to post as often as I want to. Anyway - yay, welcome back!
    xx gemma

    1. You bet! Time seems to be a very expensive commodity that we can't afford all the time ...lol...Thanks for dropping by :-)


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