Best holiday gifts for 2013

Each year, I feel I get the best Christmas gifts ever.  Some comes as a surprise and some are already expected as my fairies would ask me what I want and I would shamelessly tell them what I wish for.  But for me, it doesn’t really matter how big or small a gift is- I do appreciate them more for the gesture than the gifts themselves.  And while "Thank Yous" were properly expressed and given; I want to share with you the wonderful presents my Santa fairies gave me last Christmas.

Muffin pan with pot holder came with Pyrex portables - I know this Santa is at a loss thinking of what to give me as she has given me many kitchen stuff before and just the thought that she goes out of her way to do this really warms my heart.
Baking chocolates from Venezuela from Ms S.  I can't wait to try these :-)
Dry Herb Jars - they're so cute and I think they're multi-functional 
Gelatin sheets (can't easily get these from regular grocery stores); silicone heart mold, yeast and bread slicer from HK which also came with my favorite Cadbury chocolate. 
A pair of Madeleine pans; non-stick and with bigger cavities than my old ones... yes! I feel all my pans should come in pair to save baking time.
My canoe pan has a twin now!  That means I don't have to use my mini loaf pan when I'm making twinkies.  I'm not used to halving a recipe and a batch yields 16 which means I need two pans so the batter won't lose its volume.
Kitchen Aid Diamond Vortex Blender with seven functions in empire red to match my mixer and a 7-piece nylon utensil set- the first is number one on my wish list and Santa was thoughtful enough!
Shopping Bag with cinnamon bark from Vietnam - this is not intended as a Christmas gift but somehow made me feel like it's Christmas when Ms T gave me this cute woven bag and fresh cinnamon does smell different and not that strong which I love.
Waring Pro Professional Deep Fryer. On top is my gift to myself from my Spanish online store where I get all my paella ingredients.  I think I'll take a picture of the fryer when I'm ready to use it.  
Also part of my La Tienda gift for myself is a complete Churro making kit 
And a shot of my favorite Jamon Iberico!  So pricey but a once-a-year indulgence is not bad.  I should have taken a picture of the whole package but I was exhausted.  
 There you go- these are most of the food and kitchen-related presents given to me last Christmas.  I will definitely use all of these soon.


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