Weekend presents from my Fairy Godmother

My springform pans are retired ...

My springform pans finally said goodbye to me or two from the 3-piece set which I've had for the longest time.  I must say I have maxed their usage having baked countless angel food, chiffon and cheesecakes through the years.  I knew this day is in the offing so I've been checking different websites for a possible replacement but couldn't find the one I need.  I have to purchase each size individually as I can't find them in one set.  But guess what- Fairy Godmother just surprised me tonight with a a bunch of gifts.

A 3-piece springform pan set,  multicolored measuring cups, oven-safe soup bowls for French onion soup and a pink spatula.  What's special about it is it has Guy Fieri's picture and his tattoo as designed by his tattoo artist.  How cool!  How long the design will last remains to be seen.  I love these gifts though so thanks a lot FG!  You sure know how to rescue me when I'm in dire straits.  I really need these springform pans.

Oops.... I almost forgot ... my tart pan.  I never had one before so I'm kinda excited to use this.


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