Beef Noodle Soup

My version is nothing like the typical beef noodle bowl which is loaded with egg noodles, chunks of beef and lots of greens.  This could very well be dubbed as soupy beef noodles because obviously it has a lot more broth than toppings. This is my kind of beef noodle soup.

It begins with bone marrows and shanks which I wash and drain

Then I placed them in a sheet pan seasoned with a little salt and cracked black pepper.  I also added onions which I halved skin-on and slices of ginger.  People who are familiar with making Pho would recognize the process.   I think it's a very smart technique to roast the meat before boiling so the fats are melted and discarded prior to boiling.  

To the 375 degree oven it went to roast for about an hour- the fats melted and it has achieved that charred roasted taste.

The next step is to drain them of excess oil and on to the a big stock pot with water, the onions and star anise.  I just love adding star anise when making broth.  I think beef and star anise are perfect for each other.  As it rolls into a boil, turn the heat down to a low simmer so that all the flavors are mingling with each other while the meat is tenderizing.  Make sure to remove any scum that floats on the broth.  It is a slow process but I know that I will be rewarded in the end.

When the broth is reduced and the meat starts falling off the bone, it's time to strain it.  As you can see, even the bone marrows are empty.  They all came out to join the broth and make it more delicious.  I will catch them later... I will!

Discard the onions and ginger then return the broth to the pot with bone marrows and the rest of the meat.  Turn on the heat and bring to a boil.  Taste if seasoning needs to be adjusted.  Turn the heat down just to keep it hot for serving.

I ran out of egg noodles so I used these flat Japanese noodles- boiled for three minutes and nothing more.  The hot broth will finish the job.

The long process of making my broth made me so hungry and I was already slurping my soup away when I realized my pictures are not complete.  I missed documenting some steps again ... just like I did with my Pork Ramen Soup.  Oh well... better luck next time.

I added enoki mushrooms, scallions, corn and hard boiled egg.  This is the perfect beef noodle soup for me. By the way, I did catch some of the yummy treasure from the bone marrow.  I knew I'd be rewarded for all my hard work :-)


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