Hello, I'm back!

I figured I need to at least say hello to everybody before I start with my updates. I got sick; was distracted and was busy so blogging was put aside. At times I wanted to post a little message but deemed it best to postpone it and just do it when I am so ready- like now.

Being sick confined me to my room again and after sleeping, what else is left but watch TV. After watching cooking shows, I was somehow directed to a KDrama site and found myself watching Queen of Reversals. That was the distraction-- I even asked myself, where was I when it came out almost two years ago?

And then the B word. I am busiest at work by the end of the month and a week after. So there, like it's something new. I think these are the only reasons why this blog would seem neglected. But never abandoned or forgotten.

It is nice to be back :-)


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