The kitchen is closed ... for tonight

I had it planned that there'll be no late kitchen activity today so I can spend some time blogging. I know, the posts were slow in coming and I feel bad about it- just let me make up a little bit...

First, I finished my online traffic class, passed the test and just waiting for my ticket to be cleared. Second, there seems to be some clarity about the state of our little renovation at home. I still don’t like the finish date but hoping it will be earlier than that.

And just some more rambling ... just to let you know I haven't been idle in the kitchen. It's just the sharing that I didn't have much time for. So this is basically just a recollection of what I did and postponed posting.

Summer just went by and didn’t notice the changing of the season. Fall officially came last 23rd.

I’m in love with Fage yogurt! Now it’s the only brand you’ll see in our fridge. I even went on a yogurt shopping spree last weekend. It didn’t make any difference coz’ there’s not much left in there.

I’m so proud of my little cooking student K – I love her enthusiasm and the way she really enjoys cooking and baking. She would BBM me with pictures of her creations from my recipes.

I sometimes get lucky and get a sampling too! That's a slice of her Japanese cheesecake with fig jam topping which came out really good. I got a really emotional BBM from her thanking me because she was never successful in all her past cheesecake tries until this one.

I didn’t share with you that someone gave me a pineapple from her trip to Hawaii. I know how sweet it is but I felt like making a cake. And when you say pineapple, upside-down cake immediately comes to mind. It was January when I first made it for a birthday or birthdays?

I was lucky to find nice blue crabs one weekend so I cooked it in coconut milk, green beans and squash. Surprisingly, Manang, another blogger I'm following made the same dish that day although a different variety of crab.

I love crabs cooked in many ways and when I cook them in coconut milk it has to be thick with a kick. I wish I took more pictures and plated some properly. I have the recipe somewhere in a previous post.

Hopefully I can update my blog with fresh creations but it all depends on our renovation issue. But thanks everyone for checking this blog for new updates.


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