Simplified Honey Toast

Whoever invented the fridge deserves/gets my endless thanks because without it, I could/would have wasted the un-cut bread Karen gave me. So finally, I was able to make my simplified version of Honey Toast. I guess it was meant to be so- no frills and fuss because I also ran out of ice cream and didn’t have any other baked goodies to pretty-up my creation even in the most remote Dazzling Cafe fashion.

It helped that it was sitting in the coldest part of the fridge so it was well-preserved; not in the freezer so there was no thawing involved; just a little rest outside before I started to work on it. Taking out the interior was a breeze because it was still a little firm. I cubed it as much as I could although the rest were just little shapeless pieces.

Because it is called Honey Toast I have to flavor the bread with honey albeit not as sweet. I whisked honey with soft unsalted butter and generously brushed the walls and bottom of the bread as well as the cubed part. Then in the oven it went to toast at 375 degrees F for ten minutes. I waited for the bread to lightly toast before I took out the tray and fill the cavity with the cubes and return to it to the oven to bake for another five minutes. You don’t want to overdo it and turn it into biscotti. Next step is allowing it to cool a little while I whisk heavy cream and powdered sugar with a little cream cheese. That served as my frosting before I topped it with fresh berries. A dusting of powdered sugar and a sprig of mint leaves completed the process and I didn’t even bother transfer it to a serving plate. I have a GP on stand -by eagerly waiting to sample it and I was just as eager. It was delicious although I’m sure it would taste just as heavenly with ice cream on top. The good thing is- it was almost guilt-free eating the whole thing because it was shared and because it was as simple as it could be.

Next time the toast will be dressed to the nines!


  1. That seriously looks amazing! Hollowing the bread out is such an awesome idea!

    I just had a quick browse of your blog and the photos are making me drool! Everything look so delicious.

  2. Thank you .... I'm grateful and honored for the kind words; for the time and for following my blog.


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