The right path is a busy path

I sincerely wished the chocolate crinkles led me to the right path and the weekend sort of proved it did. I spent more time in the kitchen despite my allergy. Sunday dinner was inspired by Anne Burrel’s recipes for ribs and baked beans. My ribs were dry spice rubbed and sitting prettily in the fridge by Saturday evening so Sunday, I prepared my cookie dough for my Crinkle Cookie Project. Aha! Surprised? Seems like there was no press release about it he he he. Anyway, the plan to make them in different flavors was hatched after I made the chocolate ones in consideration of my people who are not into chocolate. Powdered sugar is essential to crinkle cookies so I thought zests galore- like lemon, lime and orange. And I get to mix orange and chocolate too. Preparing the dough is like a walk in the park because it requires basic steps like beat, zest, cream, stir for the most part. The burden was mostly on the ribs because I had to bake them slow then roast for the final act to make them pretty and scrumptious with honey barbecue sauce. That time I wished I had two ovens because I had to bake my beans and the corn bread as well. Oh well, I finished everything and dinner was excellent.
Recipes can be found here:

So moving on to the crinkle cookie baking task, I made them in lemon, orange-chocolate and the plain chocolate ones because Jen didn’t get to taste any when I brought them to work last week. The tumbler which carried my goodies was empty by lunch time.


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