Happy Easter and other rambling

It's kind of late and I regret I'm not 100% healthy yet having been sick for four days hence my very limited activity in the kitchen.. I got an Easter basket filled with "this and that" with the hope on the giver's part that I'd be inspired to bake some Easter treats but I just can't do more than those decadent double chocolate zucchini brownies I made earlier so that's it folks- until next time!  I do hope everyone had a fun Easter Sunday and who knows, I may still use what's in the basket for my belated Easter treats?

I just realized I didn't formally welcome spring and that's after seeing this picture I took of Ms JC's door.  I love spring because I know my herbs will flourish again and guess what, I just saw a sign of life on my fig tree.  I thought it's going to die despite reassurance from the gardener that it's normal to see it in that state and that it will eventually grow.

I'll be very happy and fulfilled if I see my fig tree with an abundance of fruits like this calamansi in our backyard

We discovered a new source for our favorite guava paste so I was like on panic buying mode and got me three pounds of the delicacy with the plan to make more pastelitos de guayaba"They" are patiently waiting for the day when I'll come to work with a tray of the delicious pastry.  Meanwhile, they're chillin' in my fridge :-)

Ah, I ordered these online when I saw Amy's Vanilla Dream Cake.  I don't want to take my chance in her raffle giveaway and planned to make the cake ASAP but I was busy and tired and then I got sick.  But I will make the cake one of these days.  Angel food cake is my all-time fave so in time ...  

I finally found a Wilton 1A pastry decorating tip on EBay ideal for my ladyfingers. 
Here's hoping I'd be back into the groove soon and make use of all these stuff :-)


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