Bread- the uncut version and more rambling

Karen texted me last Wednesday to tell me she got me uncut bread for my honey toast. And that is after showing me the site of Dazzling Cafe in Taiwan where it is very popular. I saw it first on Food Network as Morimoto's creation albeit not as fabulous because it was not made as a dessert then. Anyway, so now I have this half a loaf of uncut bread which will be the base of the monster dessert I'm making tomorrow. Someone has to be here to share the feast with me.

I thought of making it today but I had to bake the last installment of the dough I have in the fridge. I thought that it was the easiest thing I ever baked. From the fridge comes out the bowl with the dough; I let it cool down for a bit and then shaped it into a log and it goes to the greased loaf pan.

Somehow I had a feeling that something's missing or I may have forgotten something. Alas, the pan is in the oven and then it struck me after it's been baking for a good ten minutes already. I forgot about the fig jam Michelle sent me which I planned to mix with cream cheese and use as my filling. Soon the bread is ready so I sliced it right away and prepared for plan B.

Nothing tastes better than fresh and warm bread with butter and jam. So I slathered a piece with it and on top, Michelle's fig jam. I can't tell you how it really tastes but I'll just sum it up as delicious and it's not sweet at all!

But I have to do one final test and that should really make the verdict final. Cream cheese.... didn't I initially plan to mix it with the jam and use it as filling for the bread?

Oh, I was right! It tastes awesome. But really, cream cheese goes well with jam or jelly- the mingling of the tart and sweet and the creamy and tangy. Is it too much to want a lot of flavors?

I hope the weather stays friendly till tomorrow and the coming week.


  1. How do you stay in shape eating all this food?

  2. That is why food needs to be shared- share the wealth and the fat. But seriously, I don't cook and bake just for myself. How would I know if I'm doing a good job if I'm the only one tasting it? Oh, and cooking and baking doesn't mean I have to eat everything that I make- everything in moderation even if you're eating out or someone else is making the food for you.


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