Beautiful Sunday, perfect weather

But why am I lazy?

I went out and looked at the skies- they were blue with not a single cloud- at least not close by. I could see them from afar. I'm so thankful for the nice weather- not humid or hot; not cold. It's cool. But it made me lazy so into the freezer went my uncut bread till inspiration hits me. I have no one to share it with right now and I don't feel like eating anything sweet.

I made myself a glass of milk with Michelle's soybean powder with mugwort. I thought of just editing/updating my post about her gifts but I thought I'd just blog about it separately. I'm too lazy to do anything in the kitchen anyway. For the drink, I used super cold milk, a tablespoon of the powder and just a little sugar with lots of ice. I don't know if I did it the right way; if I put too much of the powder because I saw the powder settled at the bottom when I almost finished the drink. It was refreshing and the taste reminded me of mung beans toasted in the pan then crushed and mixed with sweet rice and coconut milk. The effect is no different from chai tea or matcha tea with cream although of course they're different from each other.

Ah this gentle breeze from my window is making me sleepy. Waiting for that surge of inspiration to bake a cake for my friends at work. I really want Karen to sample my Pandan Angel Food Cake but I have a feeling she's trying to make one today with the pandan flavoring I gave her.

Maybe another glass of soybean milk will help ha ha ...


No such luck on the inspiration department. In fact, I had the weirdest craving for sweet potato fries and that's dinner for me tonight.

It's amusing how something so simple can taste so heavenly when you're craving for it. These fries tasted like such even with just a sprinkling of salt and pepper.

Instead of replying to K's comment- I'll just update this post with a picture of the big slice of Pandan Angel Food Cake she gave me today 9/12. So I was right, she did make it! Her cake came out in baby or pastel green and even her toasted coconut came out really light. There was a little mishap I think that she had to toast another batch.

She asked me to taste it right there and then but I just had breakfast and so I just took a little bite and it was good. I said I'd save it for lunch but actually took it home so I can really savor it.

The verdict? I love it! It is so soft and tender the way I want it, the coconut flavor is fighting with the pandan flavor so K, take note, maybe a drop more of the pandan flavoring but everything else is excellent. I know I didn't tell you I'd post pictures of your cake but well, it's here already. Good job!


  1. yes dear, I baked a pandan cake. will bring you a piece for ur taste test tomorrow!!

  2. Somehow I sensed it! Anyway, I edited/updated my post so read the verdict there :-)

  3. Thank you! I am sooooooooooooooo glad you liked it!!! YAY!!!

  4. that cake looks awesome, coconut and pandan? YUM! please update with your version soon, Faye.

    Also, can I request a crepe theme? :D I would love to learn how to make them and take your input into consideration. Thanks!

  5. If you'll check my angel food cake tag, you'll two pandan angel food cakes I did in the past :-)

    re crepes, sure thing- I will as soon as I have time.


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