Tuesday brunch at work

It was planned to be another breakfast feast for me and my friends at work but our schedules were so diverse today so we moved it to noon time and turned it into brunch. We had red velvet waffles and cream cheese frosting with fresh berry toppings; sausage and eggs and I got to grant Teresa's request for my biscuits con gravy (they all loved the combo, by the way).

The extra cocoa powder I added to my waffle batter gave the waffles a terra-cotta (baked earth)effect.

Slathered with the yummy cream cheese frosting and topped with fresh berries, they were an instant hit. I saw one of the girls pushing away her Chinese take- out opting for the waffles. We always share our food with the rest of our co-workers.

But there's another girl who admittedly misses this exercise of ours where we would just on a whim plan a breakfast or lunch feast- each one bringing something like a pot luck but me doing the cooking of course while the rest of the girls are my Sous Chefs. So I was taking pictures and MMS’ing her to let her know what we're up to. And we miss her too. Hey Marilyn, you're in our thoughts always :-)

You can just check the recipes for the fluffy biscuits, gravy and red velvet waffles on my earlier posts.


  1. Ugh, how I miss you guys...and our family meals together. Thinking of you always <3 M

  2. The feeling is definitely mutual!


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