One more for Haiti

It’s been rainless for the second day now and it’s such a welcome change in the weather. We need sunshine too! I got an invite from Brian thru 94.7 for his “A Helping Hand for Haiti” concert tomorrow at Knotts Berry Farm. Why didn’t I see the email sooner? (Actually, it's more like how come I hardly check my email lol.... ) Too bad I have to be somewhere too and I can’t beg off from it. The concert obviously is to raise money for Haiti which was devastated by a 7.0 earthquake last January 12. It’s nice to know that people in the entertainment industry are involved in this undertaking and we ordinary people should be also. It doesn’t really matter whether the amount we could shell out is small or big because collectively, our small donations can help. This is another situation where we would rather give than receive. More prayers for the people of Haiti.


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