Make Up Birthday Cakes

I love baking birthday cakes... I love baking period!  Didn't I mention before that I'm like the official baker at work?  I make it a point to bake for whoever is celebrating a birthday and someone said it is a good enough reason to bake for me who's passionate about it.  It’s like hitting two birds with a stone- I get that natural high from baking and making people happy as well.  I mean, come on - whose heart won't feel warm and fuzzy when someone bakes a cake for you?  

But November last year was bad because I got sick, the Lakers were losing and the team was in disarray among other things.  I didn’t have the inspiration to bake for the most part- a crostata here and there was all I could make during better moods. So I still owe some special people and I can't wait for November to come so I can redeem myself.   

First, I made a 3-layer Vanilla Chiffon Cake with fresh whipped cream and fruit filling (Mandarin orange and pineapple chunks) and then frosted with cream cheese buttercream.  Baking after work is okay but taking pictures of everything is pushing it without the natural light and all.  Nevertheless, the cake was a hit and my friend was touched.  The frosting was meant to be in pastel orange and yellow but those teeny weenie food coloring drops went a looong way and the frosting came out really bright.  I decorated the cake with red and yellow sprinkles for accent.  Seriously though, I don't think they care about the colors at all.
Next is Pink Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting (yeah obviously, it’s my favorite frosting and you can never go wrong with it).  I’ve always thought of making this cake just to veer away from the more famous Red Velvet but never got the chance.   I must confess I’m not really into white chocolate so I had to choose a nice brand which will give me more substance in flavor other than sweetness aka sugar.
The cake is a 3-layer pink affair with the white of the frosting complementing it.  Suddenly I was reminded of Easter because of the sprinkles I used but no one complained- not even the birthday celebrant.  They just devoured the cake and even picky me had my fill :-0  

Really I should just bake one for myself.  Hmm I kind of feel it's going to be soon ... this deserves a spot in my best for 2013!  And whatever little regret I felt for not being able to take more pictures when I made these cakes was erased by the fact that I've redeemed myself and my friends are happy.  
More birthday cakes coming up…


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