Little tokens and haiku

I’m blessed to have fairy godmothers (and occasionally godfathers) who gives me little gifts or tokens either out of sheer thoughtfulness or in exchange for a little baking or cooking favor.  It is always an exciting feeling- regardless of the price and size; still grateful despite the impending clutter it will bring to my already cramped storage area.  The anticipation for more delicious creations because of these thoughtful gifts is so palpable... more than enough to bring me to haiku mode. 
Brown box of surprise
 A pack of bottled flavors
Palate party host
My cupcake corers
To make the perfect hollows
And fillings ensconce  
Cookies and cocoa
Flavors swirled together
Speculoos is Boss

Edit:  I almost forgot a most delicious post Halloween gift from Canada  
A treat from faraway
Oh sweet indulgence galore
Cadbury I heart
Thank you fairies! 


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