Guess what, I actually filleted a halibut!

It's my first time to fillet a fish and I was so excited.  Too excited that I didn't even bother get a more appropriate knife for the task.  So according to the video I watched, it starts on the white side,   Slit/Cut through the middle from the tail up then just continue all the way to the sides to remove the flesh from the bones.  
So far, so good....
So there I have one side of the halibut taken care of.  It's  time to repeat the process on the other side!
Aww, it's kind of sloppy-  I see I didn't fillet the fish nicely. Whoa I can't work as a fishmonger :-(
The bones ended in a pot with water, dry white wine, salt and pepper, carrot, bay leaves and 21 seasoning salute.  I wondered what to do with it as it cooked away.  Meanwhile, I cut each fillet into three so I have 12 pieces
I got busy and didn't take pictures of every step but here's what I made- Halibut in Spicy Sweet & Sour Sauce.
First, I lightly coated each piece with rice flour seasoned with a little salt and 21 seasoning salute.  That gives that nice crispy exterior to the fish.  Then I made the sauce from the fish stock I made earlier- just added a little white vinegar, tomato ketchup, quartered white onion, red and green bell peppers, a little sugar, pineapple tidbits; thickened the sauce with a little Wondra powder then added cilantro for freshness.
I feel bad not taking more pictures but this is something I've done many times in the past.  The only difference is I filleted the fish myself.   I need a filleting knife next time.

Hmm you have no idea how tasty my halibut turned out.  The fish is so fresh and the sauce is crazy good- sorry friends, there was no leftover to bring to work :-(


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