Too much to share; too little time

I know I haven't blogged for days and I'm so itching to. I have so much to share but we have some construction going on at home so my desktop is out of commission. All my pictures are stored there so if I will use my laptop, then I have to upload all of 6000+ of them from my camera to the laptop for the first time. I don't think so. I mean, not right now. I'm just thankful the kitchen is not affected so I can still cook or bake a little when I can-at least not yet.

I've been living on pasta and bread again. But today, I roasted Brussels sprouts and whoa, I almost finished everything. It's just like eating edamame beans; only these babies are crispy on the outside and chewy but soft on the inside. I was going to make a roasted veggie salad but the heat took away most of my energy so I ended up with this simpler dish or snack, whatever you want to call it.

Since I already talked about a not-so-popular veggie, I might as well talk about going to At Last Cafe in Long Beach two weeks ago where I had the most delicious chicken liver pâté served with sourdough toasts. The way I rave about it should tell you that I may be doing my version sometime in the future. It is so yummy and if I may decode what's in it, I would say it has the freshest chicken livers available in the market (I know where to get them), unsalted butter, shallots, nutmeg, mustard, some cream maybe because it is creamy and so melts in my mouth. The top has some parsley gelee and it will be my first time to make savory gelee if I will make it exactly as At Last's.

I have to cut short my post here but I'll be back as soon as I can with more.I think I will have to edit this to add some more stuff.

I just realized that my blog is turning 2 at the end of the month!


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