Squid Ink Pizza

As planned, I made Squid Ink Pizza or Black Pizza last night. I did a quick trip to Trader Joe's after work to shop for my ingredients. Garlic and Herb flavored pizza dough, seafood mix (scallops, shrimps and calamari rings), three different types of cheeses (Parmigiano-Regiano, Pecorino-Romano and parmesan cheeses) and sun dried tomatoes soaked in olive oil. I simmered my pizza sauce with dried oregano, chili flakes and squid ink then spread the glossy and ebony sauce on the dough; topped with some cheese, then the seafood mix, julienned sun dried tomatoes and some more cheese before popping it in the oven. I will make it again but next time, I will make a thinner crust because the one I made came out thick and I just think crunchy thin crust will make it even better. One thing I should remind you about is to stir the sauce constantly while simmering. I kind of wandered away from the stove to get something and it was like volcano spewing dark lava everywhere- a couple of dark spots on my shirt and in the stove, the floor; it was messy. How can something so yummy be so “dirty”? We had fun showing our teeth off after eating ha ha ha.

Oh, and I almost forgot- my homeboys won last night so I made Mango-Ube Angel Food Cake to celebrate. They were awesome. I hope they are peaking at the right moment. On the road to 3-peat!


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