I'm on a cookie baking mission!

Confirmed!  After a fifteen minute or so exchange of text messages with Ms T, I was assigned to an exciting mission of baking cookies for her brother.  It will be inspired by my Almond Toffee Crunch Cookies but with substitutions.  The frosted corn flakes are replaced by old fashioned oats; the semi-sweet chocolate chips by classic whites; the almonds by Macadamia and taking away the toffee crunch from the cast.  Not a big deal- to each his own preferred ingredients.

So I told Ms T what to get the exact ingredients from my post from way back (with emphasis on the white chocolates which should be Ghirardelli).  I think I’ve posted before my bias on dark chocolates but I would use this brand if I need whites because I think it has the best taste among locally produced ones.  What amused and amazed me is the quantity of the ingredients they bought for the mission.  Read on…

25 lb bag of apf
4 lb golden brown sugar
4 lb classic white chocolate chips
4 lb unsalted sweet cream butter
9.9 lb box of old fashioned oats
1.5 lb of Macadamia nuts 
Whoa!  I asked Ms T if I’m supposed to bake cookies for months and in my mind I pictured little brother as Cookie Monster’s twin lol…. Hmm … he must love my cookies!  

Joining the cast will be the finest!  Madagascar or Pure Vanilla
And some basics :  to make them rise and richer 
This weekend will be all about cookies I guess!  Will bake a cookie storm tomorrow.... Stay tuned :-)


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