And my fig has a little baby!

Months ago, I wrote about my fig trees (and obsession) and I just deem it proper to do a little progress report on how they're doing so far.  Fig tree #1 is still alive but the growth is very slow.  A small leaf here and another there.  But I should be thankful it's not dead.  #2 on the other hand is giving me so much joy- and while some may sing and dance with glee when extremely happy; I turn to haiku for expression now a days ...  

Pretty little plant
With green leaves and sturdy twigs
My fig tree to grow

 Looking back, it is a wise decision to entrust my little tree to Lola's care.  This is #2 after four months.  I was so ecstatic and oh so grateful!

Friend’s nurturing hands
Plenty of sunshine and love
A baby is born...


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