A delicious way to welcome Fall!

As usual- this is a late post :-(

Fall came last September 22 but there are lingering traces of summer.  The morning will be chilly and foggy at times but it will be on the 80’s again towards the afternoon.  Now tell me how I’ll ever have a formal Hello Fall post.  It will always be in October- perhaps even towards its end because then the weather suddenly shifts to cold and it happens almost always on Halloween.  

But the weather suddenly felt like fall today- chilly in a nice way.  And then I craved for a steaming bowl of soup.  I have nothing but chicken breasts; it would have been better if they're bone-in so I'll have more flavor in my broth but I had to do with what's available.  
I boiled the chicken with mirepoix to wake up the chicken flavor; prepared scallions and fried garlic for toppings and mung bean starch noodles aka vermicelli (photo is from Wiki coz I forgot to take pictures of the actual one I used for my soup.
I have two bags of Red Lotus special flour which has been sitting in the pantry and I thought I'd use some to make "bibingka" instead of rice flour or Bisquik.
This is how it looks under the broiler as the glaze gets bruleed and bubbles beautifully .. 
And the finished product.... hot and comforting soup paired with the most incredibly soft chiffon cake-like bibingka with pinches of cream cheese at the center- my late but delicious way of welcoming Fall! 


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