Peanut butter cream cheese?

Oh yeah, it's the latest spread from Trader Joe's and as soon as I heard the ad on the radio, I put it on my to-buy list. I've tasted cream cheese in different flavors but TJ is the first to come up with peanut butter. So I bought a tub yesterday to find out if it will tickle my taste buds. It did and my friends at work raved about it too. I think I'll be hoarding it the way I do Nutella. It is creamy, nutty and with just a hint of sweetness. I'm going to try it on celery sticks and update my post.


I just did more taste tests today- with celery sticks, gala apple slices, banana and the final test which is making an apple-banana sandwich using hot and crusty French roll. Awesome! I had to stop or I'll finish the whole tub- which made me conclude that I have to replicate this spread or it's going to be costly buying from TJ's all the time.

The next update will be when I've found a way to copy this yummylicious spread. Stay tuned -:)


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