What to do with chicken breasts

I think this should be entitled "What to do with my life" since my favorite SG wrapped up last Sunday. So sad! I miss my favorite couple already. Hey, this is my blog so just bear with my idiosyncrasy :-) It is my most welcome distraction ever; the reason why I was not as neurotic when my homeboys lose a game (cuz I was busy watching SG) and admittedly the reason for my laziness and absence in the kitchen he he... Anyway, here I am to address the complaint of well-meaning friends. I did slack- my apologies!

I went on a chicken breast shopping spree over the weekend so my upcoming dishes will be chicken inspired. There's a million things one can do with chicken- fry, grill, bake, make into soup, salad, savory pastry filling - the list goes on and on and we haven't even talked about international dishes. Over the weekend, I cooked Indian Butter Chicken but there was no left over for me to bring to work so last night, I decided to make some more for my friends. And if you love saucy, spicy and flavorful chicken dishes, then you have to give this a try. I think cooking all the spices in olive oil before adding the browned chicken pieces makes it more aromatic and delicious and the yogurt, butter and cream just melds well with all the spices. The recipe calls for boneless chicken breast pieces but I love using bone-in chicken breasts too. The bones give more flavors to the dish. Please refer to the label for the recipe.


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