Boston Cream Angel Food Cake (Pie)

I know I’m due for an angel food cake when I saw how much egg whites I’ve accumulated from my recent baking activities.  Come to think of it- I haven’t baked an angel food cake in a long time.  And seeing my muse Joanne B Chang with all her IG posts of Boston Cream Pie, I was pumped up to make my angel food cake version.  You know, all the usual suspects are there- pastry cream and fresh whipped cream duo for the filling, cooled brewed coffee to brush each layer of the cake and shiny and luscious chocolate ganache to crown the cake.  

This is the delicious union of pastry cream and fresh whipped cream  
This is the first time I’m using brewed coffee to brush the surface of the cake before filling it with the pastry cream mixture- the Joanne B Chang influence.
60% dark chocolate melted in heavy cream yields this decadent ganache

The original recipe calls for sponge cake but this is what I make when I have lotsa egg whites.  What’s not to love in this- tender layers of almond flavored angel food cake with the luscious filling and the chocolate ganache in all its sheeny deliciousness!


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