First rain, a double rainbow and sweet potato hash

It’s the first day of November; we had our first rain as we are going back to Daylight Standard Time and my first time to see a double rainbow- well maybe I did in the past but I can't remember when.  I think it inspired me to finally get out of this funk and it led me back home to my blog.  I have drafts for each month that I was absent but I’ll probably get back to them another time.  I just want to savor that moment when I saw the double rainbow this morning.   The initial reaction was grab my phone to take a shot and ran outside only to realize it was not a light drizzle.  Feeling protective of my phone, I rushed back and just took a couple of shots from our porch.  Not the perfect spot to get the best shot and I feel bad that I was not able to capture the beauty of the rainbow but still happy to have seen it. 
I think it calls for a celebratory breakfast so I made Sweet Potato Hash with cheddar cheese-filled turkey sausage topped with gooey eggs. 
Washed down with a steaming mug of Vanilla Rooibos Tea-  life is beautiful!  
I’m so haappy to be back!


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