Welcome Spring!

O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?

And indeed winter's over so hello spring- although our winter could be considered summer in other parts of the hemisphere so we are so blessed. Well people get to wear their coats and scarves and other winter garbs but none of the shoveling snow in the morning and the like episodes for us here in SoCal.  By the way, the picture is a screen shot of Google’s home page to welcome the first day of spring which is very symbolic.  As the season changes, the roses around the house are abloom; our calamansi tree has a lot of little fruits already which means a bountiful harvest; my herbs are springing back to life; and even my fig tree has a few leaves here and there.   
I think it's my favorite season because it's not that hot and neither it's cold.  Just the right temperature before summer comes.  I love the vibe and the colors around which promises good things to come.  I wish I have the time to capture more beautiful pictures with my camera to post but I'll just post my food creations.  After all, the coming of spring screams "Let's cook and bake more" to me!


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