What's new in my kitchen and blogsary gifts

It's that time again to share some little additions to my kitchen- most of them blogsary gifts which may not seem such a big deal to most but are priceless to me because it's always the thought that counts.  
 Wilton 2-Piece Doughnut Hole Baking Set.  My Fairy Godmother finds it weird that I use a mini muffin pan to bake my donut holes so she gave me this. 
See, it comes with a cooling grid- nice! I think I'll be on donut hole baking mode soon! 
Ball Heritage Collection Pint Jars - not your ordinary Mason jars because they come in blue which is my favorite color!  
Fairy Godmother must have forgotten I have all these already but I really appreciate the gesture! 
Cake molds and paper baking cups galore!  I should be on a cupcake baking frenzy as soon a summer's gone~

Ah, this one I purchased on a whim when I was looking for that Kamir Cake recipe and stumbled into poffertjes and ebelskiver.  Unlike poffertjes, the pan is a must-have to achieve the perfect puffed ball shape.
So ebelskiver for breakfast this weekend is not so far-fetched,  In fact, I already have filling ideas on my mind.  

Thanks again FG for the sweet little gifts- you know I'm always grateful! 


  1. Amazing gifts!! You will make wonderful goodies with these new gadgets and gifts for sure!! Can't wait to see them!

    1. I love that we share that same appreciation for thoughtfulness. Big or small, high-end or cheap don't matter to me- if it works in the kitchen, I'm happy! I can't wait for the season to change and the kitchen becomes my haven again. Right now I'm trying to get rid of my drafts and trying to be "around" more. I foresee a more friendly schedule so I can share more of my kitchen escapades. Thanks again for dropping by.


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