Post Birthday Musings

It seems so long since my last post.  I thought I'd be busy here because I got my yearly birthday off.  I always request for the day before and the day after and it was again granted.  But I was robbed of my Friday when I was called to report for jury duty.  Well, I was able to dodge the bullet for four days because I was not called to report from Monday to Thursday- but not for Friday- what a joke!  The good thing is- I was not chosen to be a juror and just by being there completed my service for the year.  Then I had the rest of the weekend and Monday too.
All I wanted was a relaxed birthday weekend; a walk in the park; a trip to the salon to get my nails done; a massage maybe and I’m good.  I found out it's not cool having my birthday on a Sunday.  I'm sure the salons are busier than usual.  I chose to just stay at home and get all the pampering another time.  But I was pleasantly surprised by Google with a birthday greeting.  I always hover over the Google icon to find out what’s special or memorable about the day or who’s celebrating a birthday and I saw bakeshop stuff galore and that it was for me.  Awesome!  Even K asked how I got a greeting from Google ha ha ha I get the same yearly greetings from Ticketmaster and 94.7 The Wave.  

No amount of pleading from my family to go out and eat  can weaken my resolve to just stay at home so they just got everything to go and I got to eat my favorite salad at home.  Little gifts with sweet thoughts are almost a given on my birthday.  I got a nice homemade cake with the infamous Cheshire cat from Secret Garden; colognes; a Paris inspired cell phone case; flip flops; a pair of Chucks; gift card; a little Canon cam, a Anthurium planter and an early cake gift from Ms K- a Japanese Tofu Cheesecake with Blueberry Gelée
It is even more special because I think it will be the last I’ll receive from her.  She is moving back to her country and it makes us all very sad.  It made me cry when she broke the news to me.  But just like M, she's got to do what she got to do.  I will definitely miss her  and thanks to modern technology- we can still keep in touch and check each other's blog.

I guess seeing on TV the devastation Oklahoma went through because of the tornado made me realize more that we have so much to be thankful for and appreciate.  We should just count our blessings and pray for the less fortunate ones if we can't help them in any other way.  We are blessed and I thank God for another year of existence.  


  1. Happy belated birthday! :):) The tofu cheesecake is amazing!
    Totally agree with you - we're so lucky to be so blessed! xxx

    1. Thank you Gemma :-) Indeed it is an amazing cheesecake- no bake except for the crust and not as sinful.


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