October issue : what's new in my kitchen

Tokens of love are what I call them.  Little gifts that means a lot and I cherish so much- I get these every now and then ... it’s time to present them.  I haven’t done this in a while so here’s what’s new in my kitchen

First is my new Silpat- I don’t know what happened to my silpats, I just can’t find them and Fairy Godmother must have reached her saturation point- don’t want to hear me ragging anymore about silpats and gifted me with a new one. Smaller but I’m happy coz it fits my sheet pans perfectly. My missing ones are huge I have to fold them when I use them for baking. But who knows, they might show up when I least expected it.

Demerara Sugar from India- because my FG knows I’m on butter cookie mode and loves to top them with sanding sugar.  I could use this on my muffins and crostatas.

Cute lidded animal mugs- a cat, a bear, a frog and a pig.  Aren’t they adorable?

Heart-shaped Cookie Cutters from Daiso.  Luv them!

Biscuit cutters – I could use the other ends for my cookies as well. I have to confess though; it is the fluted edge on the cutters which had me. That's the closest I could get to replicate La Mere Poulard's.

Guava Paste and Dijon Mustard from K from her Epicure Imports shopping spree. She would always surprise me with little presents it's so touching.

There you go... I may have missed something so whatever I remember will be on another post.


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