My birthday loot ..err gifts

This is like my appreciation post- late as it may be as it was difficult to broach the subject without thinking about the sadness I felt that night of May 19 hence I had to postpone it.

But I am really grateful for the thoughts and the wonderful gifts I received on my birthday.

I should start by saying that Saturday morning started really great. First I watched The Avengers with my best friend and just a little trivia- on May 19 of 2010, I watched Iron Man2 and that night, my homeboys had a game too but they won and eventually won their repeat title.
We went home right after watching the movie and were hungry but with enough energy to make arancini (Italian rice balls) and this time with Mozzarrella and green peas filling.
I should also show you the cake my family bought for me. Of course I won't bake my own birthday cake he he.

And we had seafood boil which is my favorite!

I received an initial canvas tote with colorful aprons, a new Nook cover with a really nice quote embossed on the front cover and in purple too! I also got a Lakers fabric board which T herself made; a necklace from R who loves giving me little blings; a little bag of green tea and Thai agar dessert mixes and the first of the E L James trilogy- Fifty Shades of Grey which I already finished reading and I'm on the second book which I have on my Nook.
And last Thursday, I received another one which has been on my wish list for a year already ..... a Waring Pro rotating waffle maker....yay!
I already expressed my thanks to my gift givers but I want to reiterate my appreciation. Thank you very much! I was kind of sad on my birthday but I love that people and my loved ones remembered and wished me all the best.


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