Chicken Congee with Chinese Sausage

I've posted one that I made from the left over turkey we had for Thanksgiving but this one uses chicken breast meat and Chinese sausage topping. We all love something hot and comforting this time of the year and congee just fits the bill. I'm just so happy that I can make it almost the same way my mom makes it- flavorful and filling and I can only think of one thing when I eat this- home!

Chicken Congee with Chinese Sausage

1 bone in chicken breast
ginger - about 2 1/2 inches, sliced very thinly
3 cups CalRose rice
fresh cracked black pepper
salt to taste
3 pcs Chinese sausage sliced thinly
chopped spring onion

Cut chicken in quarters and and in a soup pot boil in water seasoned with salt and water
Skim off foam and any gray matter floating on top
Scoop chicken meat when tender, flake using two forks and set aside
Return the bone to the pot and add the ginger
Add three more cups water and allow to boil
Add the rice and stir. It will stop rolling so wait when it starts again and stir continuously
Taste if seasoning needs to be adjusted
Stir until rice is cooked through but make sure it is not too thick. A pot of boiling chicken broth or water on stand by is advisable just in case you need to add more liquid to the porridge
Meanwhile, heat a non-stick skillet and place the sliced Chinese sausage
Let the fat render and allow the sausage pieces to be lightly toasted. set aside
Serve congee in a bowl with chopped spring onion and sliced sausages on top


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