Something’s a-brewing but it’s not coffee

Oh hell no! Just when TD’s a week away; it’s déjà vu all over again. Some years ago, I went through some oven problems and now it’s happening again. First the uneven temp and then the oven door which jams and after a couple of shakes opens up. The first casualty was the Bisquik bibingka last Saturday. It was as if it’s been baking forever but the middle was still jiggling even as it is past the required baking time. I should have smelled trouble then but maybe I was in denial.

Then came last night- I need the broiler but it just won’t turn on and then I got some crazy message about the oven door needing to be closed. What am I supposed to do with my crème brulee? I had to store them in the fridge and think of a solution.

Well, they're still edible-very much so because they're already cooked. But without the caramelized topping, they are reduced to a regular flan status. No longer the diva crème brulee. I mentioned my dilemma to the girls and right away, K volunteered to bring her torch. Problem solved! The dessert is meant for them anyway. So happy happy but back to the more serious problem and that is not having the oven fixed before Thanksgiving. I need some contingency measures. Steamed food for Thanksgiving? Grilled maybe? We’ll see but I can’t picture myself having store-bought food in the table. That is just preposterous! It's not because I'm being snobbish but more because I don't like the hassle of ordering food on a busy holiday. And most importantly, that sucks away the joy of preparing and cooking our little Thanksgiving feast. The Geek Squad said service is for Monday so I'm keeping my fingers crossed otherwise, I'm screwed.


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