Cheering friends up the chocolate cake way

There's something comforting about chocolate. I know so because at some point when we're feeling low in spirit and just not in our best element, we turn to chocolate whether in candy form or something baked like a cake or cookie; something cold like ice cream or a thick chocolate shake or a frothy hot cocoa drink. Hence I know exactly what to prepare for my girlfriends at work. It is my way of cheering them up because we've been through a lot of stress lately coping with the demands of our respective tasks. It is also a makeup effort because I haven't done my share for our "Favorite Soup of the Day" theme where each one of us will bring soup for lunch on a scheduled day. I will talk about it in another post.

Anyway, I made chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache frosting for the girls. I know they'll be thrilled to have it for dessert tomorrow. Isn't it an awesome way to start the week? A wise man said "Sometimes your joy is the source of our smile but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. I say,a beautiful smile chocolate cake can't hide, especially when it's yummy and made with love -by me ha ha ha.. and that is the ultimate source of joy :-)


  1. This looks divine! How did you make the ganache? I'm planning on making a very indulgent chocolate cake for a friend's birthday this week and that looks perfect.

    Charlotte @

  2. Thanks- I did make it. You can check the recipe under Chocolate Cake tag (Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Cake) or you can just melt 12 ounces of dark chocolate in a tablespoon of unsalted butter then just add a cup of heavy cream and stir until glossy. Do this in a double boiler. I just pour the ganache on top, let it drip on the sides and just smooth with a frosting spatula. It will be soft but thick enough to hold and then refrigerating the cake will firm it up.

  3. Thanks so much! Doesn't sound too tricky and I love the look it gives when it pours over the sides.


  4. You're very welcome! Indeed and it tastes really good.

  5. That looks heavenly!


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