To blog or not to blog

Yeah, that was the question I had to ask myself last night after the Lakers lost big time to the OKC Thunder. I made a couple of tries since I wanted to talk about our party here at home and all the stuff that I made. But the feeling of disappointment was just too strong that I just didn't finish anything. Anyway, the party was a success, albeit tiring which is to be expected. I made six cakes, two dozen cupcakes, fruit salad, seafood pasta salad, a fish dish, spaghetti, arroz ala valenciana and two meat dishes. These are stuff that I always make when we host parties here at home. My only regret is not being able to take nice pictures of the food because it was chaotic and top it off with my irritation with the way my team is not playing like champs. Oh well, they’ve been there – taking games to seven and manage to survive and we fans have been though all these roller coaster ride of emotions and whether or not they repeat- I will still be bleeding purple and gold.


  1. Your food looks great and I'm sorry that your team didn't play very well. I love your cupcakes. How do you make the buttermilk to decorate them? Farveh


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