Making ensaimada for the first time- and succeeding!

I love ensaimada! It is the Filipino version of brioche which is a soft, buttery French bread. I love my ensaimada topped with lots of cheese and with just the right amount of sweetness. I would go to Goldilocks or Red Ribbon to get my fix and there Asian stores that sell them as well although who knows how long they’ve been sitting there in their shelves. It will really help to just make my own like I do with my other food fetish- make or bake my own version. I need the Wide World Web to search for the best recipe available. So I Googled “best soft ensaimada” and voila! Kusina Ni Manang blog came up and after reading all the posts of bloggers, who tried the recipe, I sort of followed the cult and here’s the result. Yummy, soft, wonderful ensaimadas which I topped with whipped butter and confectioner’s sugar and lots of grated Kraft cheese. The sizes are uneven but the taste is evenly to die for! Thanks Manang for a wonderful recipe.


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